Sport Magazine

1977-1979, 1982

Cover price is 75 cents in 1977-1978, $1.00 in 1979, $1.50 in 1982.
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Date Player Title
Jan, 1977 Roger Staubach He Runs, Passes And Walks On Water
Feb, 1977 Julius Erving Performer Of The Year: Doctor Of The Duck
March, 1977 Namath. Simpson. Orr. The End.
April, 1977 Bill Walton Attention FBI: Jack Scott Tells All... About His Housemate Bill Walton
June, 1977 Greed - Look What It's Done To Our Games
July, 1977 Mark Fidrych A Rare View Of The Bird
Aug, 1977 Death Of The Don King Tournament
Sept, 1977 (2 Unk Players) The Pro Football Wars You Never See
Oct, 1977 Rod Carew The Frustration Of Baseball's Greatest Hitter
Nov, 1977 Earl Monroe A Fan's Notes On Earl Monroe
Dec, 1977 Ken Stabler Raisin' Hell and Pitchin' Touchdowns With The Snake

Date Player Title
Jan, 1978 Tony Dorsett A Rookie Runs Toward Super Bowl XII
March, 1978 Maurice Lucas Toughest Forward In The NBA
April, 1978 Sparky Lyle,
Goose Gossage
Sparky & The Goose On The Crafty, Cutthroat Art Of Relief Pitching
May, 1978 Graig Nettles,
Billy Smith
Baseball In The Combat Zones
Aug, 1978 Tom Seaver
(Cincinnati Reds)
Inside Tom Seaver's struggle "to prove I'm the best ever"

Date Player Title
Jan, 1979 Harvey Martin Behind The Cowboy Struggle To Reach Super Bowl XIII
April, 1979 Pete Rose The $1 Million Kid
Aug, 1979 Rod Carew Rod Carew Has The Angels Flying High

Date Player Title
Oct, 1982 Unk Do-Or-Die Teams In The NFL