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Cover price is 60 cents in 1974, 75 cents in 1975 & 1976.
(23 Issues)

Date Player Title
Oct, 1974 Reggie Jackson Blood & Guts Of The Fighting A's

Date Player Title
Jan, 1975 Fran Tarkenton Target: Super Bowl
Feb, 1975 Muhammad Ali Performer Of The Year
March, 1975 Julius Erving Doctor J. - Operation Basketball Will The Patient Survive?
April, 1975 Rick Barry Is Superman
May, 1975 Frank Robinson From MVP to MGR.
June, 1975 Johnny Miller Turns Killer... On The Course
July, 1975 Bobby Bonds Bobby Bonds Brings His Act To Broadway
Aug, 1975 Billy Martin Durocher's Law: He'll Never Finish Last
Sept, 1975 Jimmy Connors Heading For Another Fall?
Oct, 1975 James Harris Will James Harris Be The First Black Quarterback In The Super Bowl?
Nov, 1975 Joe Namath Nobody Can Touch Joe Namath
Dec, 1975 Joe Greene Who's Afraid Of Mean Joe Greene? Everybody

Date Player Title
Jan, 1976 (misc) Let's Have A Super Bowl The Pre-Game Show Can Be Proud Of
Feb, 1976 Fran Tarkenton Performer Of The Year: The Man With The Golden Arm
March, 1976 George McGinnis The Spirit Of The 76ers
April, 1976 Steve Garvey Apple Pie, The Flag & Steve Garvey
May, 1976 Tom Seaver Tom Seaver & The Art Of Pitching
June, 1976 (misc) Who'll Be The Next Jock In The White House?
July, 1976 Bruce Jenner Who Is Bruce Jenner... And Why Is He The World's Greatest Athlete?
Oct, 1976 Bert Jones Bert Jones Takes Over In Baltimore
Nov, 1976 George Simpson College Football's B.M.O.C. Crisis: Battered & Maimed On Campus
Dec, 1976 (N/A) Where Does The Pill-Popping Stop?