Sport Magazine

1966, 1968-1969

Cover price is 35 cents in 1966, 50 cents in 1968-1969.
(17 Issues)

Date Player Title
Nov, 1966 John Brodie The Changing Fortunes Of John Brodie

Date Player Title
Mar, 1968 Lew Alcindor Six Ways To Beat Lew Alcindor
Apr, 1968 Bobby Hull Three Views Of Bobby Hull
May, 1968 Willie Mays What Willie Mays Still Means To The Giants
Jun, 1968 Carl Yastrzemski A Searching Look At Carl Yastrzemski
Jul, 1968 Hank Aaron What It's Like To Be A Neglected Superstar
Aug, 1968 Pete Rose Travels With "Charlie Hustle"
Sep, 1968 Don Drysdale Don Drysdale's Incredible Shutout Streak
Oct, 1968 Fran Tarkenton In New York: Capturing The Big City
Nov, 1968 Don Meredith Can He Prove He's A Winner?
Dec, 1968 O.J. Simpson In Quest Of All The Prizes

Date Player Title
Feb, 1969 John Havlicek What Make Havlicek Run...And Run...And Run
Aug, 1969 O.J. Simpson O.J. Simpson Talks About Money, Pride, And Pressure
Sep, 1969 Leo Durocher, Ernie Banks,
Ron Santo, Billy Williams
Durocher And His Cubs: How Tension Can Build A Winner
Oct, 1969 Sonny Jurgenson What It's Like To Be A Leader
Nov, 1969 Gale Sayers The Hard Road Back for a Knee Victim
Dec, 1969 O.J.Simpson, Denny McClain,
Wes Unseld, Bobby Orr
Predict What Sports Will Be Like In The New Decade