Football Digest


Cover prices are 60-75 cents in 1974, 75 cents in 1975-1977, and $1.00 in 1977-1978.
(40 Issues)

Date Player Title
June, 1974 Calvin Hill The Cowboys' Winning Edge
August, 1974 Archie Manning The Agony Of Archie Manning
September, 1974 Bob Griese, John Hadl Why Miami and Los Angeles Will Win
October, 1974 Roger Staubach The Complete Quarterback
November, 1974 Fran Tarkenton Pro Football's Most Durable Quarterback
December, 1974 John Brockington The 1000-Yard Machine
January, 1975 Ken Stabler Will Ken Stabler And Oakland Win It All? (two issues)
February, 1975 Jim Hart The Big Surprise Of 1974
March, 1975 Ken Stabler Player Of The Year
April, 1975 Chuck Knoll How Pittsburgh Won The Championship
June, 1975 Ken Anderson Is He Too Cool?
August, 1975 Otis Armstrong Why Otis Armstrong Is A Marked Man
September, 1975 Terry Bradshaw 'We'll Win Again'
October, 1975 Jim Plunkett New England's Young Strong-Arm Quarterback
November, 1975 Wally Chambers Big Man Of The New Chicago Cubs
December, 1975 Joe Namath 'I Want To Be A Winner Again'
January, 1976 Mercury Morris The Rebirth Of Mercury Morris
February, 1976 Jeff Siemon Kingin Of The Minnesota Defense
March, 1976 O.J. Simpson Player Of The Year
April, 1976 Lynn Swann How We Won
June, 1976 Dan Pastorini Is Dan Pastorini's Houston Oiler Offense Good Enough To Win
August, 1976 Bert Jones The NFL's Next Great Quarterback
September, 1976 Jack Lambert Meanest Man In Football
October, 1976 Cowboys-Steelers The Dallas Shotgun - A Rinky Dinky Offense?
November, 1976 Terry Metcalf NFL's Most Exciting Performer
December, 1976 Billy Kilmer Pride and Courage
January, 1977 Fran Tarkenton Survives His Critics
February, 1977 Jim Langer The Making of an NFL Center
March, 1977 Ken Stabler Player Of The Year
April, 1977 Clarence Davis Runs Through The Vikings
June, 1977 Steve Grogan Best Of The NFL's Young Quarterback
August, 1977 Greg Pruitt Cleveland's Under-Rated Star
September, 1977 Joe Namath Why He'll Lead The Rams To The Super Bowl
October, 1977 Terry Bradshaw,
Ken Stabler
Pro Football's Hottest Fued - Pittsburgh Vs Oakland
December, 1977 Ken Anderson Is This Finally The Year For The Bengals?
January, 1978 Jack Youngblood New Leader of the LA Defense
February, 1978 Bert Jones NFL's Premier Quarterback
March, 1978 Tony Dorsett Rookie of the Year
June, 1978 Jim Zorn Seattle's Surprising Success
August, 1978 Chuck Foreman Football's No. 1 All-Purpose Back